Project Management

Seamlessly coordinating people, processes, and technology.

Project Managers are the focal point of the DigiSource production model. Our project management staff is responsive, creative, knowledgeable of litigation support, and technically competent. All of our Project Managers are permanent employees; they all have a college degree and at least four years of litigation project management experience. As your second set of eyes during the production process, DigiSource Project Managers are available 24/7 to provide answers, troubleshoot problems, and communicate project status. Whether your needs are simple or complex, our Project Managers will respond promptly in a forthcoming and professional manner.

Project Kick-Off

At the beginning of a complex project, the Project Manager hosts a Design Meeting. This meeting serves to kick-off the project and ensure that everyone involved understands what is needed to achieve litigation readiness. The Design Meeting and the proposal are the primary sources of information for the project team. While each meeting is customized to fit the requirements of the specific client and their project, the meeting agenda typically addresses the following issues:

  • General overview of the litigation and project expectations
  • Processing guidelines
  • Database design and software parameters
  • Timelines and delivery schedules
  • Administrative issues (invoice and status reports contacts)

Ongoing Project Support

The Project Manager is responsible for all day-to-day project coordination and communication. The Project Manager serves as the liaison between the DigiSource team and your legal team. Our Project Managers are accountable for the following client- and project support tasks:

  • Overall accountability for performance and quality
  • Client updates and status reports
  • Coordinating with internal staff members
  • Project scheduling and prioritization
  • Staff allocation
  • Report generation