Efficient searching means fast results.

When you consider the daunting task of reviewing thousands of pages of source material, consider the power that OCR processing can provide. By turning your digital source images into searchable-text files, you gain the ability to search your entire collection quickly for the specific keywords that interest you.

Note that the accuracy and usefulness of the converted data depends greatly on the type of document (i.e., pictures, charts, graphs) and its condition. For example, handwritten notes and fifth generation photocopies are less conducive to OCR than clearly printed, first generation data.

DigiSource has developed a unique and powerful OCR platform which can process over 1 million pages in a 24-hour period. We offer aggressive, customized pricing for large projects with over 100k images. Ask us how we can turn volumes of unmanageable documents into a highly useful data repository. Our quotes are always free.