A strategic approach to document assessment.

At its most basic level, a document review is used to identify which responsive documents to produce and which privileged documents to withhold. DigiSource consultants go beyond the basics, however. We help your legal team evaluate your entire document collection to identify and develop emerging legal strategies. The difference is not in finding the data; it’s in knowing what to do with it after you find it.

A proper document review begins with determining the exact scope of the review and establishing the supervision and provisions needed to manage the review. Next, the appropriate vendor, tools and platform must be selected for the review. At DigiSource, our trained consultants take the time to understand the goals and objectives of the review. Then we work side-by-side with your management team to provide quality results for your client at every step in the process.

What DigiSource Can Do for You

  • Provide review planning and consulting
  • Securely host and manage the data in a variety of databases that best suit your needs
  • Create privilege logs and production history logs
  • Manage the database with 24/7 customer service
  • Provide a space for staff and attorneys to perform the review
  • Provide the necessary staff to review documents
  • Produce TIFF documents on-the-fly