Early Evidence Assessment

It’s never too early to begin preparing.

When the strong possibility of litigation or investigation exists, or you have just learned an electronic discovery request is on its way, it is crucial that you understand your data universe. Where is your potential evidence? How is it being managed? Who has access to it?

A preemptive assessment of potential evidence can help you identify areas of risk, predict costs, establish timelines, and better understand your organization’s overall exposure.

What DigiSource Can Do for You

  • Assess your data collection to identify potentially responsive electronically stored information (ESI)
  • Ensure that ESI is preserved in a manner that will benefit the litigation process
  • Communicate how the discovery process will occur and evaluate your risk of exposure
  • Assess the possibilities for settlement, including any means of avoiding it or hastening it.
  • Ensure that priorities, procedures, and timelines are clearly understood

Our consultants will work with your discovery response team to collect, process, and analyze a small subset of the potential evidence. This "snapshot" analysis will enable you to estimate the following information for your entire collection of evidence: ESI attributes potential data volumes, accessibility, and potential relevance. Your team will gain critical information for defensible decisions, including:

  • Potential risk and exposure
  • Total scope and potential cost of litigation related e-discovery
  • Timeline and resource requirements for collecting, reviewing, and processing ESI