Data Processing & Analysis

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Data processing and analysis is the very heart of the electronic discovery process. Compare it to panning for gold. For each gold nugget that you find, you have to sift through tons of worthless pebbles. The process of sifting through mountains of data—much of it insignificant—analyzing its worth, and cataloging it for easy retrieval is daunting, time consuming, and expensive. If the process is poorly managed, it can be incredibly frustrating.

DigiSource has data processing and analysis down to a science. Our discovery process includes the design of a comprehensive analysis plan, the establishment of multiple communication channels, and the implementation of an iterative investigative process. We ensure that no nugget of gold is left buried in the mud.

We can start working with you immediately to identify the best data mining strategy for your project. An experienced DigiSource consultant will scope your project and identify the technology and personnel support that you need to succeed. Throughout your project, DigiSource will provide you with timely and in-depth reports to ensure that you are always in-the-know.

What DigiSource Can Do for You

Paper Records

  • Full-service copying facilities
  • Full-service scanning facilities
  • Document coding
  • Fast and accurate OCR

Electronic Files

  • DeNISTing of the collection
  • Ability to extract all metadata and text while accurately preserving the chain of custody
  • Pre-culling services that include:
    • De-duplication (per custodian or globally)
    • Filtering by word, date, or file type
    • Conceptual analytics
    • Concept searching